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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the coaches selected?

Readyforwork coaches are experts from various career backgrounds. We have an application and vetting process that helps us pick only the very best in their category. Coaches are also evaluated throughout their service the platform based on the feedback and rating from users.

What should I expect from my coach?

Great coaching experience is one where both the coach and the coached are playing their part. On a basic level, below are the key things you should expect from your coach:

  • Understanding of the subject matter and availability as needed for questions, advice, and guidance
  • Your coach should able to support you and hold you accountable
  • Flexibility when it comes to goal changes, help requests, and organization
  • Your coach should be someone who can pick you up when you are feeling down
  • Your coach should be to help you develop an actionable plan for reaching your goal


Below are the things your coach should expect from you:

  • Constant communication and feedback
  • Mutual respect – you need to respect your coach’s reasons, training, advice, etc
  • Working hard to implement tips and strategies from your coach
  • Your coach expects your work to happen so you need to be reliable
  • Your coach is investing her knowledge and skills into your training and will expect feedback on your experience
Where can I find a coach in XYZ industry?

Just type the keyword for the coach you’re looking for in the search area

How much does this cost?

There are no standard rates. Readyforwork coaches are at liberty to choose their rates based on a number of factors not limited to their expertise and domain knowledge. Some of our coaches might choose to deliver their services at no cost while others might charge hourly, weekly or monthly fees. You can see rates on each coach’s profile. This is the amount you will have to pay. Expect to get your value for money.

What if I'm not satisfied and expect a refund?

We take the experience of our users seriously. For a refund or misconduct, contact us by either reporting your coach or via email

We handle refunds on a case-to-case basis and usually give out refunds if:

  • There has been sufficient evidence of misconduct on the side of the coach.
  • The coach has broken the coaching agreement.
  • There has been unavailability for a week or more.
  • The coach does not provide the agreed services.
  • There have been any other kind of wrongdoing on the side of the coach.

On the other hand, we usually do not give out refunds if:

  • You do not believe your progress has been good enough
  • You forgot about the coaching arrangement
  • You realize that coaching isn’t something for you after all
  • There is no reason for a refund at all

Important: We take issues of refund is very seriously because many of our coaches invest a large part of their free time coaching for a relatively small payment.

What if I have a problem or feel uncomfortable with my coach, how can I report?

If you are feeling uncomfortable, threatened or unsafe with your coach, please let us know immediately by reporting the coach through the dashboard. We will handle the case and collect all necessary info and take appropriate steps, such as cancellation of the coaching, refund, and cancellation of the coach.

Is there a limit to the number of interactions I can expect from my coach?

There is no hard limit on maximum interactions per week/month. You can contact your coach whenever you need help and you’ll get a reply. In some cases, your coach will also agree with you on how to schedule communication.

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